Orelsan - Biographie : naissance, parcours, famille

Orelsan – Biographie : naissance, parcours, famille

“Orelsan – Biographie : naissance, parcours, famille”. Aurélien “Orelsan” Cotentin conceived August 1, 1982 in Alençon (Orne) is a French rapper. He became well known on the Web thanks to his melody Holy person Valentin, then, at that point, got through in 2008 with the tune Change.

Orelsan - Biographie : naissance, parcours, famille

Date of Birth
August 1, 1982 (age 40)

Spot of birth
Alencon, Orne, Normandy, France

Orelsan – Biographie : naissance, parcours, famille

Her most memorable collection Perdu d’avance was delivered on February 16, 2009. In Walk 2009, a debate broke out around its title Deal pute (a track not showing up on the collection and just accessible on the Web) when Secretary of State Valérie Létard condemns an impelling to savagery against ladies.

Her second collection Le Serenade des Alarms was delivered on September 26, 2011.

Orelsan, whose genuine name is Aurélien Cotentin, experienced childhood in Alençon in the Orne. He is the child of a teacher and a school head. Twelve years of age and keeping in mind that he was paying attention to shake (Nirvana, Iron Lady, Firearms N’ Roses, AC/DC… ), his ball companions acquainted him with the universe of rap. He got a Baccalaureate in Financial matters and Sociologies prior to moving to Caen. He took a stab at it at the Normandy The executives School, where in 2000 he met the melodic maker Skread (who remarkably created for Diam’s, Booba, Rohff or Nessbeal) then, at that point, Gringe with whom he shaped the Casseurs Flowters. For his second collection, he likewise works together with Maxime Duval, a youthful DJ from Normandy, taking care of many instruments and creator for Orelsan.

In this unique circumstance, he spent a year abroad at the College of Tampa Straight in Florida where he encountered a vague close connection with an American who enlivened him to compose the melody 50%. In 2002, they delivered a mixtape. They then show up on tracks from different rap gatherings.

Back in the US, he takes a stab at a few random temp jobs (to be heard in his melodies), eminently that of night guardian in an inn where he will make a move to think of a portion of his texts.

In August 2006, Orelsan transferred his most memorable Ramen beginner clasp to Youtube. In 2007, he had better progress with the Holy person Valentin cut, a snide spoof of the banquet of sweethearts. He then draws in Web clients to his Myspace website where he consistently adds new melodies.

In 2008, the mark 3ème department saw him and requested that he produce his collection in a joint effort with seventh Size, the name of Skread and Ablaye. Throughout the late spring of 2008, he encountered a few media inclusion, particularly on TV, following a mission to advance the titles Change, disseminated by TF1 Video, then No-Life, the rapper’s most memorable clasp created by an expert.

On February 16, 2009, his most memorable collection Perdu d’avance was delivered. All sounds are delivered by Skread, the collection incorporates a few melodic investments (featurings) including those of Gringe and Ron Thal (Weapons N’ Roses guitarist).

On the Printemps de Bourges site, the introduction of the rapper reported in April 2009 the purposely provocative situating of the rapper: “asserting his fourteen years of mental age, his dolt temperaments sitting at the rear of the class and his disappointed virgin brain , Orelsan has all that to pester right-thinking individuals”.

Toward the finish of 2009, he was designated for the French disclosures contest for the Constantin prize and was, simultaneously, chose by Web clients as the best French craftsman of the year to address France at the MTV Europe Music Grants.

On June 26, 2010, on the event of Skyrock’s Planet Rap, Jena Lee sang her title Je rêve en Enfer in two part harmony with Orelsan. The title becomes Je rêve en enfer (Reste en enfer) and the first melody is returned to as per the codes of the rapper, who adds a lot of zingers. In 2010, he is likewise close by Nessbeal for the title Mama grosse. At last, he takes part in the Diversidad project, which unites rappers from various European nations.

In September 2010, on Trench Road, he reported the composition of another collection which, as per him, ought to be delivered around Walk 2011. Date he pretty much affirmed December 5, 2010 on his page Facebook fan: “The collection is advancing great, as I would see it will be delivered in Spring/April. I will begin uncovering more in mid 2011.”

His coordinated effort with The Poisonous Justice fighter on the title N’importe remark led to three unique video cuts and the arrival of a solitary yet additionally a maxi of remixes of the title, delivered on the Roy Music name.

Toward the finish of May 2011, he delivered Raelsan, the primary concentrate from his new collection planned for September 26, 2011, which will be called Le Serenade des Sirènes. On Youtube is his subsequent concentrate entitled Twofold Strive which likewise passes on Skyrock. Toward the start of July, the informal Mixtape avant l’album was delivered, blended by DJ Uka, which incorporates 20 off-collection sounds as well as Jimmy Zinger and Raelsan.

From July to September 2011, three new portions from his new collection were delivered: In addition to rien ne m’ shocked (finish of July), accessible with the expectation of complimentary tuning in, remarkably on Youtube, 1990 (finish of August), a recognition for the 90s with an appearance by Oxmo Puccino, Olivier Cachin and the Company, then, at that point, Social Self destruction (September 12).

On September 26, 2011, the collection Le serenade des alarms was delivered as expected.

The name Orelsan comes, as he says himself, from two things: “Orel for my most memorable name”, San comes from Japanese, and manga of which he is a fan, it signifies “Sir”.

On February 16, the actual day of its delivery, Orelsan’s most memorable collection profited from limited time articles and complimenting correlations in L’express and Freedom.

As per his press secretary, his status (white, working class, from the areas) obliges him to ridicule himself; in this way, he rehearses incitement with carefulness by utilizing zingers, blistering and deadly little sentences. He by the by knows how to utilize a serious tone: sadness and the sensation of sick being available in the more youthful age are among his #1 subjects, very much like regular day to day existence (computer games, Web, TV, and so forth), young ladies (trouble be a tease, masturbation, dreams).

Others, similar to the gay magazine Têtu, wonder about its texts which they consider homophobic.

In Freedom and L’Express he has been contrasted with different perceived craftsmen: white rapper, the name of Eminem is refered to, similar to that of Mike Skinner (The Roads) who, as Orelsan, is a white rapper in adoration with melancholy and of fatigue. Then again, at the hour of the exit of the title Holy person Valentin, its texts, provocative and accepted, were worth to him, continuously as per Delivery, the examination with the TTC bunch, correlation which isn’t with its taste. Without a doubt, he thinks about that their rap-electro is as well “elitist” and doesn’t look like what he does. In the tune Courez he remarks: “I realize that I have fans in this franticness and I would have zero desire to annoy them however when you contrast me with TTC maybe you affronted me”.

In Walk 2009, his title Deal pute caused debate. The rapper plays a man in a suit undermining the ex who went behind his back with brutality, promising her, in addition to other things, that he would “separate her jaw” or “give her an early termination with opinel”. Set off by bloggers, the discussion drove him to answer through his correspondence counselors: they brought up that Orelsan didn’t play this melody in front of an audience, “mindful that it could outrage”. The text would communicate “a drive that anybody to whom this sort of misfortune would have happened might have felt in this sort of circumstance. By no means is this text an undermining letter, a commitment of savagery or a statement of regret for making a move”.

The discussion took a political turn, the Socialist Faction criticizing the melody, then, at that point, the Communist Coalition reprimanding in a public statement “a shameful text with terrible comments which straightforwardly impel viciousness” and specifying “that it joins every one of the voices which request the deprogramming of Orelsan from the Printemps de Bourges”. Secretary of State for Fortitude Valérie Létard then, at that point, addresses everyone and thinks about that the melody Deal pute prompts misogynist savagery and requests the pioneers from online video locales like Dailymotion to pull out it. “While in France, a lady passes on like clockwork under the blows of her sidekick”. Valérie Létard has upheld the affiliations wishing to record a grumbling against the rapper, Valérie Létard likewise upholds the drive of

Orelsan is amazed by the buzz when this tune has been around for quite some time. He makes sense of: “In this melody I attempt to demonstrate the way that a motivation can change somebody into a beast. I shot a clasp where I wear formal attire and drink liquor, to show that it is a fiction. By no means am I pushing aggressive behavior at home. The demeanor of this character disturbs me, however I have the impression of masterfully addressing scorn as a film like A Perfect timing Orange could do. “I have for sure as of now been undermined by my sweetheart, yet here, I particularly needed to depict the drive of fury that you can have at these times. It’s anything but a horse crap sexist text. “he will proclaim in a meeting with the magazine Planète Rap Mag. “Mindful that these words shock”, he is sorry and shows that he has not played this tune in show for quite some time – a melody which isn’t in his album1. In any case, he adds: “Anything I said, I will continuously be less rough than the series on TF1, where a person gets hit following five minutes at 8:30 p.m. for not a glaringly obvious explanation. “.

The Printemps de Bourges celebration keeps up with the rapper in its modifying of April 25, 2009: “However shameful as the text of this tune seems to be, we have employed this youthful craftsman for an imaginative exhibition which, similar to his collection, does exclude this melody . Therefore, we will not deprogram Orelsan on the grounds that we accept our imaginative decisions. This hip jump collection, deciphered in French, appeared to be magnificent to us, made out of good verses which appeared to us the ideal impression of an age (that of the 20s) somewhat lost and baffled. François Bonnea

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