Marracash Net Worth,Age,Height,Bio in 2022

Marracash Net Worth,Age,Height,Bio in 2022

“Marracash Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio in 2022”. Marracash is a notable Italian craftsman/band. Track down the history and intriguing realities of Marracash’s profession and individual life. Find itemized data about Marracash’s level, genuine name, spouse, sweetheart, and children. Marracash Wiki, Facebook, Instagram, and socials. Marracash Height, Age, Bio, and Real Name.

Marracash Net Worth,Age,Height,Bio in 2022



Marracash Net Worth,Age,Height,Bio in 2022

Marracash has been showed up in channels as follow: FabriFibraVEVO, GuePequenoVEVO, VascoRossiVEVO, ElodieVEVO, MarracashVEVO, SferaEbbastaVEVO, LUCHEVEVO, MarraGueVEVO, A2Hsuperstar, ESSE MAGAZINE, Marracash, TY1.

Conceived 30 November, – 0001 (2022 years of age).

What is the zodiac indication of Marracash?
As indicated by the birthday of Marracash, the visionary sign is Sagittarius.

The profession of the Marracash began in 1999

Marracash Wiki

Marracash acting in the show.
Foundation data
Birth name Fabio Bartolo Rizzo
Additionally known as Marracash
Origin Nicosia, Sicily, Italy
Genres Rap, hip house
Occupation Rapper
Years active 1999-present
Labels Universal Music Group

Melodic craftsman

Fabio Bartolo Rizzo, better realized by his stage name Marracash ), is an Italian rapper, record maker, and TV character. Beginning his profession in the rap bunch Dogo Gang, he appeared as an independent craftsman ascending in distinction during the 2010s delivering six studio collections that arrived at the main ten of the Italian Albums Chart, incorporating two top situations with Santeria and Persona.

The rapper has additionally delivered various fruitful singles and joint efforts scoring multiple times the best ten on the Italian Singles Chart. Because of his work he has sold north of 5 million duplicates in Italy, becoming one of the top-selling Italian rappers during the 2010s.

Over his melodic activities, he has sung and composed tunes with various specialists including rap craftsmen like Gué Pequeno, J-Ax, Fabri Fibra, Emis Killa, Club Dogo, Baby K, and pop impact craftsmen as Tiziano Ferro, Giusy Ferreri, Elisa, Federica Abbate, and Elodie.

In 2013, along with maker Shablo, he established the free record name Roccia Music, which includes laid-out figures and rookies to rap, makers, and DJs. From 2012 to 2014 he has MTV Italy’s free-form music TV program MTV Spit.

Life story

Fabio Rizzo Bartolo was brought into the world in Nicosia, Sicily as a mother caretaker and a dad who functioned as a transporter. He has a more youthful sibling. His family then moved to Milan in a house in Bramante; when he was ten, he was ousted from his home with his family, who moved to the suburbia of Barona, where he grew up regardless resides.

Subsequent to graduating as an electrical expert, Rizzo recorded his most memorable refrains under the alias Delle Nuvole, showing up in Prodigio’s 1999 demo “The Royal Rumble”, close by Il Guercio, Fame, Aken, and Corvo D’Argento. He took on the stage name Marracash after his life as a youngster epithet, Marocchino, as a play on words on the name of Marrakesh.


Its presentation traces all the way back to 2004 in the PMC VS Club Dogo mixtape – the authority Mixtape, item brought into the world from the cooperation between the Club Dogo and the Massive Crew Portion, contacts in Milan and Bologna. Around the same time, the aggregate Dogo Gang showed signs of life, inside which Marracash’s hostility is progressively combining, denoting another stage with the interest inside Regular, collection of Club Dogo, and of Hashishinz Sound Vol. 1, by Gué Pequeno and Deleterio.

In 2005, under the Contagion Area mark, Marracash distributed “Popolare”, a solitary item by Don Joe made accessible free of charge download for network clients. The tune expected the arrival of the mixtape Roccia Music I, a mixtape in which the Dogo Gang worked together and visitors like Inoki, Co’Sang, Rischio, Shablo, Misa, and Royal Mehdi.

On 13 June 2008, the primary independent collection entitled Marracash is delivered, delivered by Universal Music, and arrived at 10th place on the Italian Albums Chart getting gold accreditation. Visitors of the collection are Gué Pequeno and J-Ax, Vincenzo da Via Anfossi, and Jake La Furia. Two singles were extricated from the collection: “Badabum Cha”, which turns into the vocalist’s most memorable top ten, and “Bequest in città”.

In 2009 he partook along with 55 other Italian vocalists in the acknowledgment of “Domani 21/04.2009”, a melodic track distributed in a beneficent method for recollecting the casualties impacted by the 2009 L’Aquila tremor. Towards the year’s end the melody Cani pazzi, which expected Marracash’s second collection Fino a qui tutto bene, out on 13 July 2010. The coordinated efforts present are with Giusy Ferreri in “Rivincita” and Fabri Fibra in “Stupidi”, with less accomplishment than the past venture.

On 7 September 2011, he delivers the melody “Lord of rap”, which expects the eponymous collection delivered in October. The collection debuts at the third place of the FIMI diagram getting the platinum affirmation. Later in 2012 he delivered the joint effort “Giusto un giro” with Emis Killa and declared the introduction of his own record mark, La Roccia Music. On 22 December, Marracash conducts the main episode of MTV Spit, a TV program zeroed in on the rap fight between craftsmen of the underground scene.

After the arrival of the aggregate collection Genesis with the craftsmen of the Rock Music of 2013, on 20 January 2015, he distributed his fourth studio collection Status which arrived at the number 2 place of the Italian Albums Chart and 32 on the Swiss Charts. From the collection, he delivers the homonymous single “Status”, which topped at number 2 of the Italian Singles Chart, “Senza un posto nel mondo” with Tiziano Ferro, “In radio” and “Niente canzoni d’amore” with Federica Abbate.

In 2016 the rapper declared the arrival of a studio collection with Gué Pequeno. Distributed on 24 June of that very year, the collection is entitled Santeria and is made out of fifteen tracks, which turned into his most memorable number one collection. The trailblazer single “Nulla accade”, delivered on 7 June, is confirmed twofold platinum and arrives at position number 16 of the Italian Singles Chart.

After the arrival of the collection gathering hits for the tenth commemoration of Marracash’s delivery, on 12 June 2019, he distributed the cooperation with artist Elodie, “Margarita”, which crested at number nine of Singles Chart and selling more than 100,000 duplicates in Italy. On 31 October 2019, the 6th collection of the rapper Persona is delivered. The collection crested at number one on FIMI Chart and got the twofold platinum certificate. It was upheld by a few hit singles, including “Maryland”, with Salmo and Nitro, “Crudelia – I nervi” and his main tune” Supreme – L’ego”. On 6 March 2020, he delivered another track “Neon – Le Ali” including Italian musician Elisa, topping at number five on the Italian Singles Chart. In 2020 the rapper teamed up with Stardust in “Defuera” and the third lead single from Persona “Game – I muscoli”, which topped at number three on the Italian Chart.

On 17 November 2021, Marracash shockingly declared on Instagram his seventh studio collection Noi, Loro, gli Altri delivered two days after the fact. The collection, comprising fourteen tracks, was altogether created by Zef and Marz and highlights three visitors: Gué Pequeno, Calcutta, and Blanco. The principal separate from the collection was “Insane Love”, advanced by the connected music video, featuring his ex Elodie.

Individual life

Somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2021, the rapper was involved with Italian vocalist Elodie.

Music impacts and style

In a TV interview with AllMusic on 7 July 2008, Marracash professed to have consistently paid attention to Metallica and 883 as a youngster. The rapper takes motivation from American specialists like Jay-Z, Drake, Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, and Wu-Tang Clan. From Italy, the urban communities Frankie Hi-NRG MC.

The rapper depicts his endlessly composing process for the 2019 collection Persona in a meeting on Rolling Stone Italy: “It creates after some time, as in I mature stuff, it’s something I do on a reflective level, I do it without composing. I simply take notes and afterward at one point I toss them out, and when I began composing the pieces streamed out like blood from an injury.”

He then, at that point, depicts his sentiments and the manner in which he dissects the circumstances he reports in the messages: “I practice a steady reluctance that drives me to encounter feelings with a burning intensity. In any case, each time I will quite often pull the rope a piece to its limit and it is maybe likewise a method for feeling invigorated, a quest for adrenaline, in light of the fact that in the end, I withdraw myself enough to find them more grounded than previously.”

Analysis and contention

In 2006, when Marracash censured Nesli’s approach to rapping through the tune “Well known”, a sort of contention between the two started. The next year, as a matter of fact, Nesli answered Marracash with the tune “Life is only one”, blaming him for making area rhymes and being a loudmouth. Marracash’s reaction came in 2008 with the tune “Dritto al punto”, in which he turned around the citations made by the contradicting rapper, who answered with “Uproar”, shutting the discussion.

On 14 January 2017, six months after the distribution of Santeria, Marracash and Gué Pequeno gave a meeting to Corriere Della Sera, in which they remarked on the melodic style embraced by their associates Fedez and J-Ax, at the time near the distribution of Comunisti col Rolex, condemning the craftsmen and blaming them for veiling their goal to make numbers and cash with bogus aims.

Fedez answered the allegations by making sense of that the two rappers scrutinized the pair deliberately to have permeability, as well as calling Marracash a quitter to not meet him during Moschino’s design show; Marracash, alluding to Fedez as “predominate with Napoleon complex”, denied the thing Fedez said about the style show, guaranteeing that the partner had not even looked for the eye to eye connection with him on that event, and unexpected about the decision to go to the processions with guardians.



Solo 2008 – Marracash 2010 – Fino a qui tutto bene ) 2011 – King del Rap ) 2015 – Status ) 2016 – Santeria ) 2019 – Persona FIMI: 5× Platinum) 2021 – Noi, loro, gli altri ) Mixtapes 2005 – Roccia Music Vol. 1 2011 – Roccia Music II With Dogo Gang 2004 – PMC VS Club Dogo: The Official Mixtape 2008 – Benvenuti nella giungla


2008 – “Badabum Cha” 2008 – “Domain in città” 2008 – “Non confondermi” 2009 – “Tutto questo” 2010 – “Cani pazzi” 2010 – “Stupido” 2010 – “Fino a qui tutto bene” 2010 – “Rivincita” 2010 – “Parole chiave” 2011 – “Ruler del Rap” 2011 – “Didinò” 2012 – “Sabbie mobili” 2012 – “Noi siamo il club” 2012 – “Giusto un giro” 2012 – “Se il mondo fosse” 2013 – “La tipa del tipo” 2013 – “Come ieri” 2014 – “Status” 2015 – “In Radio” 2015 – “Nella macchina” 2015 – “Vita da star RMX/Playboy” 2015 – “Senza un posto nel mondo” 2015 – “Catatonica” 2016 – “Niente canzoni d’amore” ) 2016 – “Nulla accade” 2018 – “Akuma the Best” 2019 – “F.A.K.E.” 2019 – “Margarita” 2019 – “Preeminent 2019 – “Non sono Marra ” ) 2020 – “Neon ” 2020 – “Game – I muscoli” 2020 – “Defuera” 2021 – “Insane Love” ) 2021 – “Love” ) 2021 – “Loro” ) 2021 – “Cosplayer” ) 2021 – “Dubbi” ) 2021 – “Pagliaccio” ) 2021 – “Io” ) 2021 – “Laurea promotion honorem” ) 2021 – “Nemesi” )

Marracash Personal Life

Genuine Name/Birth NameMarracashBirthday30 November, – 0001NationalityItalianAge(2022 years old)Zodiac signSagittariusBorn Country/Born inItalyFamous asMusician/SingerEthnicityItalianCitizenshipItalianHeight-cm/ – inches tallMarital StatusSingle/Married

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Marracash Career

Complete Music Videos95Music LabelsFabriFibraVEVO, GuePequenoVEVO, VascoRossiVEVO, ElodieVEVO, MarracashVEVO, SferaEbbastaVEVO, LUCHEVEVO, MarraGueVEVO, A2Hsuperstar, ESSE MAGAZINE, Marracash, TY1Popular SongsMargarita , Brivido , Niente Canzoni D’amore , In Radio , Scooteroni (Remix)

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